Community Stewardship

Adopt A Highway, Minnesota

Gopher Resource Employees Help Clean the Community with Adopt A Highway, Minnesota

Gopher Resource employees began working with the Adopt A Highway program in 2014 along Dodd Road in Eagan. Minnesota's Adopt A Highway program is one of the most successful in the nation thanks to the many volunteers who pick up approximately 26,000 tons of litter each year, saving the state an estimated $7 million annually. Since inception, Gopher Resource employees have picked-up approximately 99 full bags of trash from the roadside.

November, 2018 - A sunny day in November gave us the perfect opportunity for our fall clean-up. Thank you to the Eagan employees that were out helping us make a difference!  (picture shown below)

May, 2018 - Now that the warm weather is finally here, our Eagan employees got out to clean-up the roads and support the Adopt-A-Highway program. At Gopher Resource, we take pride in our community and look forward to the semi-annual clean-up events. In total we collected 16 full bags of litter and debris on Highway 149/Dodd Road.  (picture shown below)

October, 2017 - Gopher Resource employees made another huge impact at their 2017 fall clean-up. In total, we collected 13 full bags of litter and debris. Our employees show continuous dedication to keeping our community clean, and we are very grateful!  (picture shown below)

April, 2017 - Our Eagan employees successfully got out to clean up the roads before the bad weather hit for the end of April. Our employees look forward to the semi-annual clean-up events and are proud of our efforts. In total we collected 27 full bags of litter and debris on Highway 149/Dodd Road.  (picture shown below)

October, 2016 - Before the snow falls and the trash gets covered until spring, Gopher Resource employees held their second clean-up of the year. We had another impressive turnout by our employees, who collected 8 full bags of litter plus additional debris that was too big for the bags. We take pride in demonstrating to our community that we truly believe in the work we do here at Gopher Resource.  Your backyard is our backyard too. 

May, 2016 - While the original date for our 2016 spring clean-up got rained out, our rescheduled date was sunny and in the 70's. The great turnout by our employees demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the environment and the communities that we share. In total we collected about 16 full bags of litter on Highway 149/Dodd Road.   

September, 2015 - Another great turn-out for our 2015 fall clean-up. Thank you to the Gopher Resource employees that were out cleaning up the roads. Together, we can make a difference! 

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