Continuous Innovation

Industry Innovation Through Research

Investing in CBI Initiatives to Harness Full Capability of Lead Batteries

The benefits of stored power span the globe. Our company’s membership with the Consortium of Battery Innovation (CBI) is ensuring lead battery research is doing the same, to harness the full potential of advanced lead batteries as a leading rechargeable energy storage solution.

A Global Collaboration; Ensuring a Future Technology

In existence for 25 years, the Consortium is the only global pre-competitive research organization promoting lead battery innovation for energy storage and automotive applications.

As one of more than 90 CBI-member companies worldwide, Gopher Resource is supporting CBI’s ambitious research roadmap driven by market trends and future technical requirements of end users. That includes:

  • Increasing the cycle life of advanced lead batteries
  • Further improving applications in start-stop and micro-hybrid applications
  • Extending lifetime and performance

Research Highlight: Argonne National Lab

One of the Consortium’s groundbreaking studies is already underway in the United States. Argonne National Laboratory is using its synchrotron x-ray to study the chemical changes occurring during charge and discharge reactions in real time, something not previously conducted with lead batteries. The three-year (2018 – 2021) research initiative with Argonne and more than a dozen U.S. lead battery companies and suppliers will establish a data foundation to create the next generation of high-performance advanced lead battery technology.

Research Highlight: Solar Microgrid Demonstration Project

Students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology have created two solar homes that form a unique EcoVillage. Microgrids power the solar homes and act as “living laboratories” occupied by students. The uniquely immersive experience is allowing them to study in real time the applications of renewable energy sources and storage for future communities.

We Share CBI’s Mission To:

Serve the needs of its members by supporting cutting edge pre-competitive scientific research and promoting innovation in lead battery technology to maximize the market potential for lead batteries and the prosperity of actors in the lead battery value chain.