Continuous Innovation

Advancements in Waste Minimization

Innovative Process Will Reduce Solid Waste by 99%

Gopher Resource is committed to developing innovative processes that protect our environment and contribute to a sustainable, circular economy. One way we do that is by continually working to find new and innovative ways to improve the recycling process and minimize waste.

Our patent-pending Slag Cleaning and Recovery of Useful Metals (SCRUM) process will do just that by reducing our solid waste stream to landfills by 99% and economically recover useful metals from lead blast furnace slag. The ability to do so in a safe and economically feasible way is an industry first.

Waste Valorization is Key

This innovative SCRUM process uses furnace fuming technology to separate tin and lead into a concentrated fume form with very high selectivity and efficiency, leaving behind clean bulk iron sodium-silicate SCRUM Slag. The resulting LME grade tin and lead bullion can be refined and used in new lead batteries. The remaining SCRUM Slag is a clean byproduct that can be repurposed as aggregate in roadways or in concrete building materials with promising potential for commercialization.

Working Toward Zero Waste

The process has the potential to prevent more than 100K tons of lead and 30K tons of tin from entering landfills globally each year and reduces greenhouse gases through material recovery. This development is an important next step in achieving our vision of becoming a zero-waste industry.

Recipient of the 2023 BCI Innovation Award

Battery Council International recognized Gopher Resource for the innovative recycling and waste valorization potential of the SCRUM process with its 2023 BCI Innovation Award. The award is presented annually to celebrate innovation in equipment, processes, services and products that advance the lead battery industry. Learn more about this prestigious award.