Gopher Resource Battery Recycling Identification Guide Now Available

Safety First is the Main Message of New Battery Recycling Identification Guide from Gopher Resource

Gopher Resource is committed to achieving a safer, more sustainable world through lead battery recycling. But not every battery is recyclable. For example, putting lithium batteries in our recycling stream is extremely dangerous – and possibly illegal.

To prevent such hazards, Gopher Resource recently developed the Battery Recycling Identification Guide. The 12-page pictorial helps scrap battery suppliers, retailers and other battery collection sites quickly identify and remove lithium batteries and other nonconforming chemistries from the lead battery-recycling stream.

Ray Krantz, director of business development at Gopher Resource, said responsible recycling is not just about protecting the environment. It begins by first protecting workers’ safety.

“We’re continually looking for ways to provide the best educational tools to improve safety and efficiencies for our employees and our industry,” Krantz said. “This easy-to-read Guide takes away the guesswork on what our company recycles.”

The Guide provides specific information on acceptable recycling materials and their packaging for automotive batteries; industrial/steel case batteries; gel cell, standby, backup and telecom batteries, and other lead-bearing material. There is also a section dedicated to recognizing nonconforming materials and explaining the consequences.

Click here to download the complete Battery Recycling Identification Guide.