Gopher Resource Assists at TMS 2019 Conference

Gopher Resource Offers Expertise and Scholarship Funding

Gopher Resource will have a proud presence at the 148th annual meeting and exhibition of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), March 10-14, in San Antonio, Texas.

TMS 2019 brings together over 4,000 business leaders, engineers, scientists and other professionals from around the world to present research and exchange ideas. Included in that group will be Camille Fleuriault, Gopher Resource senior research and development engineer.

Fleuriault is representing us as one of the main organizers of the REWAS conference series that occurs every three years. Held in conjunction with TMS 2019, REWAS will cover a topic of great importance to Gopher Resource and the battery recycling industry: “Manufacturing the Circular Materials Economy.” (FYI: Lead batteries have an almost 100 percent recycling rate in the U.S., and every new lead battery is comprised of 80 percent recycled materials.)

Gopher Resource has also stepped in to help develop the next generation of sustainable thinkers. This year, our company is funding $2,500 in Extraction & Processing Division scholarships for TMS. 

See a full schedule of TMS 2019 events here.