Get Charged Up! Feb. 18 National Battery Day

Gopher Resource Proudly Celebrates its Role In Lead Battery Success

New “Storing Tomorrow’s Power Today” Video Tells Story

Every February, our calendars proclaim Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) and President’s Day (Feb. 19). But these holidays bookend our favorite: National Battery Day (NBD) on Feb. 18.

It’s a time to pay homage to the essential role of batteries in our lives. Gopher Resource is proud to share that spotlight as a leader in the safe and efficient recycling of lead-based batteries throughout North America.

Now, a new video is helping the general public better understand these intertwined stories. The Essential Energy Everyday initiative has launched "Storing Tomorrow's Power Today." The two-minute, animated video explains how vital lead batteries are today and for our energy future. Sustainability is an important part of that message.

Gopher Resource, in collaboration with the lead battery industry, has had incredible success creating a unique circular economy: manufacture, use, collect, recycle, repeat. Today, lead batteries have achieved a nearly 100 percent recycling rate. (For context, lithium ion batteries are recycled at around 5 percent.)

“The cost-effective nature of lead batteries is made possible, in part, by the state-of-the-art recycling program within the lead battery industry,” said Jeff Elder, president of Battery Council International. “It has helped make lead batteries the most sustainable battery technology.”

At Gopher Resource, we believe that’s cause to celebrate lead batteries Feb. 18 – and every day.

Learn more about the Essential Energy Everyday initiative.