Our Commitments

Environmental Sustainability

Gopher Resource has a 72-year history of environmental excellence and responsible operations. Every decision we make is driven by our commitment to protecting the environment. It’s what we do, meticulously, 365 days a year. It’s also how we think and invest.

In the past decade alone, we have voluntarily invested over $100 million in environmental initiatives, equipment and new technology. We lead in the research, development and application of technologies that advance safe, sustainable lead battery recycling for our entire industry.


  • Keep over 26 million spent lead-based automotive, industrial and stationary batteries from going into landfills annually
  • Process nearly 600 million pounds of lead annually for re-use
  • Process over 38 million pounds of polypropylene into pellets for re-use
  • Operate The Recycling Zone, a community recycling center for Dakota County, Minnesota residents


  • Capturing and treating process water and storm water runoff
  • Use of solar panels and wind energy
  • Use of high-efficiency LED lighting, motors, air filters and scrubbers
  • Proactive investments in research and development teams to develop new, sustainable practices
  • Collaborating with global industry groups on sustainability
  • Operating facilities at the highest regulated capacity for best efficiency
  • Tampa administration/safety building was built to LEED Gold Building standards
  • Eagan office building air and water is heated by waste heat from the recycling process
  • Sourcing of components and furnishings from recycled and recyclable products

Protecting the environment drives everything we do.

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