Our Commitments

Safety First

Operational safety is a constant focus. We are committed to continually monitoring and improving the health and safety of our people and making significant investments in training, equipment and procedures.

Gopher Resource strives for safety excellence and proudly meets regulations for health and safety set by regulatory agencies.


Keeping employees safe is ingrained in everything we do. Our goal is zero incidents, with our actual incident frequency well below our industry average. We meet OSHA standards by providing progressive safety training, hygiene facilities and modern safety equipment. We regularly monitor employee health and implement injury reduction programs, including ergonomics and repetitive motion avoidance.


Being a good neighbor is paramount. That means operating with stringent standards, especially related to the environment. It also means staying mindful of livability concerns, like operational hours, truck routing, sound, facility landscaping and practicing community stewardship in tangible ways.


Our business is protecting the planet for future generations. We’re committed to keeping the lead battery lifecycle in motion by recycling spent batteries into high-quality, reusable lead and plastic using safe, sustainable methods.

Gopher Resource has a 71-year history of environmental excellence and responsible operations.

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