Our Facilities

Tampa, Florida

Our facility in Tampa provides advanced battery recycling services and hundreds of green jobs for citizens throughout the Tampa region.

Storm and Process Water Collection

This pond can hold millions of gallons of storm water runoff for reuse.

Battery Recycling

Our Tampa facility keeps nearly 12 million spent lead batteries from landfills annually.


This building contains 20% recycled construction materials, electrical charging stations and many other green features.

About This Facility

Gopher Resource acquired the Tampa facility in 2006 and since then our Tampa employees have kept an estimated 75+ million lead batteries out of landfills. We are committed to our employees, the Tampa community and the environment.

Since the acquisition, we have invested more than $230 million into our Tampa facility, of which $140 million was focused on protecting the health and safety of employees and environmental protection.

Our team in Tampa has grown to nearly 300 hardworking people. We are proud of our plant and our people, and most importantly, the service that we help provide for our environment.

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Recycling Facility Facts

  • 21-acre site
  • The capacity to recycle 50,000 automotive batteries per day (13 million annually)
  • Recycling of other lead-bearing materials
  • Produces recycled pure lead and numerous specialty alloys

Safety and Hygiene Program Highlights

  • Robust COVID-19 Response Plan
  • 8,000 hours of employee training annually, most of which is safety focused
  • Company-provided personal protective equipment, uniforms and boots
  • 25% of our operating budget goes to health, safety and environmental stewardship
  • 12% of our workforce is devoted to ensuring employee health, safety and environmental protection

We’re proud of our Tampa team, our Tampa facility and the critical role we play in ensuring that the recycling of lead batteries is managed in a safe, clean and environmentally responsible way.

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