What We Do

Our Seven-Step Battery Recycling Process

Lead batteries are the world’s most recycled consumer product – we have a 99% recycle rate in the United States. Here’s how we recycle a spent automotive battery into new batteries and other new and useful products.

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Lead batteries are one of the best examples of a circular economy. This video from Battery Council International shows how they are used, recycled, and reused repeatedly.

Making a Difference

We have the capacity to recycle 100,000 automotive batteries per day, or 28 million annually, keeping them out of landfills.

Technology Designed to Preserve and Protect

We’ve paired advanced technology with the highest integrity to meet – and often be better than – local, state and federal regulations for environmental, health and safety.

The Quality of Our Lives Tomorrow Depends on Our Actions Today

The lead in lead-based batteries can be recycled an infinite number of times, protecting the earth and preserving natural resources.

An Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Process

We process nearly 37 million pounds of polypropylene into pellets for re-use annually.

Reclaiming Valuable Resources

A typical lead-acid battery contains 80% recycled lead and plastic.

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