Battery Recycling Process

Benefits of Battery Recycling

For over 160 years, our society has relied on lead batteries to make life easier and more sustainable. This technology now has the safest and most reliable track record of any power storage solution.

Lead can be recycled and reused almost infinitely, making lead battery recycling the most successful recycling program in North America.

What happens to our recycled lead?

Lead battery recycling is the most successful recycling program in the world. An amazing 99% of battery lead in the United States is recycled1 for:

  • New batteries
  • Sporting goods
  • Construction materials
  • X-ray and medical radiation protection
  • Automotive parts

What happens to our recycled plastic?

After processing, the plastic (polypropylene) from spent battery casings is used for numerous other molded products, including:

  • New battery casings
  • Plastic wheels
  • Car components

National Recycling Rate Study, Battery Council International, 2019