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Gopher Resource has been creating relationships built on mutual trust for years. We’re proud of a company tradition guided by principles of integrity, trust, respect and leadership.


What began as a lead recycling company in Eagan, Minnesota, has evolved into a leading environmental solution provider with global impact. We serve customers and the community through the recycling of lead, plastic and select household waste in a safe, sustainable manner.

We use the latest technologies and strictest standards to transform lead batteries and other lead-bearing materials into reusable resources. By recycling, we’re keeping potentially hazardous materials out of landfills and saving valuable resources.


  • Process and recycle spent automotive, stationary and industrial lead batteries
  • Sort, process and recycle other lead-bearing materials
  • Process and recycle plastic through our subsidiary, Resource Plastics
  • Operate The Recycle Zone, a household hazardous waste facility in Dakota County, Minnesota
  • Safely dispose of non-recyclable waste following strict environmental regulations


At Gopher Resource, you’ll find consistently superior processes and products because we’re always looking for better ways to do things.

Our lead products include:

  • One-ton blocks
  • 70-pound bars
  • Large and small billets alloyed to customers’ exact specifications
  • Pure lead, antimonial and calcium lead alloys
  • Numerous specialty alloys

Our plastic products include:

  • Recycled polypropylene converted into high-grade, competitively superior resins (comparable to virgin plastic)

To see our advanced recycling process, CLICK HERE


Trust and collaboration are at the heart of our relationships with customers. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver quality and treat them with integrity. Each day, we live up to their high expectations by following rigorous standards and investing in the best technology available.

Customers can rely on us for:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Consistent, superior product quality
  • Experienced, dedicated staff
  • Outstanding, personalized service
  • Sophisticated operating systems
  • Reliable, timely delivery
  • High ethical standards


Gopher Resource is devoted to advancing safe, sustainable lead battery recycling. We have a constant, rigorous focus on environmental excellence. By meeting all environmental regulations, we earn consistently high ratings from our state Environmental Protection Agency, and the confidence of our customers.