The Power of Recycling

A new lead battery will typically contain over 80% recycled material.1 When that battery is spent, the reuse cycle will continue again and again. This closed loop is a sustainability success story that demonstrates the power of recycling.

Making a Difference

North American battery recyclers like Gopher Resource keep 130 million tons of lead batteries out of landfills annually.2

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Our Advanced Recycling Process

Follow the transformation of a spent auto battery into reuseable materials for new products.

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  1. Environmental Impact and Life Cycle Assessment of Lead Battery and Architectural Sheet Production
  2. National Recycling Rate Study, Battery Council International, 2019

Who Knew?

Lead batteries are the quiet workhorses of life.

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Now THAT’S the Power of Recycling!

An impressive 99% of all lead batteries in North America are recycled and repurposed for new batteries.1

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