Continuous Innovation

Smart Water Use

Storm Water Collection and Re-Use System

Gopher Resource embraces opportunities to demonstrate its commitment to environmental responsibility. In 2012, the company’s Eagan facility voluntarily invested nearly $5 million in a storm water collection and re-use distribution system. The project went live in 2013 and is truly groundbreaking.

Most storm water re-use projects are undertaken by municipalities. At the time of installation, Gopher Resource was likely the first industrial facility in Minnesota to capture and re-use storm water on such a large scale. The pond has a 4.6 million gallon capacity – significantly more than the minimum required.

In 2017 alone, the system replaced nearly 16 million gallons of purchased potable water with collected storm water. Gallon for gallon, that is groundwater left in the aquifer.

In addition, Gopher Resource uses the storm water collection system to educate visitors about the many benefits of eco-friendly practices.