Who We Are

Environmental Sustainability and Safety

Safely caring for the environment is what we do. It’s in our DNA. It drives every decision we make, every step we take and where we invest. Put simply, environmental sustainability and safety are non-negotiable.

We’re committed to protecting the planet by keeping the lead battery lifecycle in motion. We recycle spent batteries into high-quality, re-usable lead and plastic. Often, we go beyond meeting sustainability and safety requirements; we’re setting new standards.

Environment Protection Is Our Business

As a national environmental solutions provider, we keep over 26 million spent automotive, industrial and stationary batteries out of landfills each year. And we do so in a safe, environmentally sustainable manner.

Since 2006, we have invested over $100 million in environmental initiatives and green jobs. Our stakeholders can trust that our facilities are state-of-the-art and our people are committed to environmental protection.


“At Gopher Resource, our overriding core value is to protect people and communities. The safety of everyone in our facilities and the impact we have in the communities we serve guides every decision we make. The lead battery industry is one of the best examples of sustainability, with a recycling rate over 99% in the US. We are proud to provide high quality environmental solutions for our customers by managing the end of life of batteries in a safe and environmentally focused way.” 

~ Brian Leen, President and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability Highlights

  • Multi-million-dollar investment in high-capacity storm water collection and re-use ponds in Eagan
  • Ongoing development and testing of new equipment in advance of regulations
  • Meeting strict quality practices that reduce waste, such as ISO certification
  • Designing every new structure and application to maximize efficiency and green features
  • Proactively investing in research and development teams to develop new, sustainable practices
  • Collaborating with global industry groups to advance technology
  • Operating The Recycling Zone community recycling center
  • May, 2018 – Eagan facility reaches four years without a lost time injury

Safety Is Always Top of Mind

Keeping our employees and communities safe is ingrained in everything we do.

Employee Safety

We analyze each function and task to ensure employees work with absolute minimal risk. Overall, our company is well below the OSHA accident/injury rate for our industry – and dedicated to achieving a zero-injury goal.

Safety Highlights

  • Over 15,000 hours devoted to safety training annually
  • Advanced training principles and systems
  • State-of-the-art hygiene facilities with locker rooms and showers
  • Modern safety equipment and systematic processes
  • Health monitoring of employees

Community Safety

Our commitment to safety doesn’t begin or end at our front door. We have invested millions in new technology and processes to ensure year-round safe operations within our communities. Our facilities consistently meet – and strive to be better than – local, state and federal regulations for air, water and waste set by the EPA and other regulatory agencies.