Community Stewardship

Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County, Florida

Gopher Resource Exhibits at Tampa Clean Air Fair

Gopher Resource is proud to participate in the Clean Air Fair event for Tampa Bay in honor of Clean Air Month. Gopher Resource supports the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County's vision for environmental excellence in a changing world and focus on promoting a healthy environment within our community.

The 2024 theme was "Show YOU Care - Luv that Air!" This year's theme aims to highlight the personal connection we share with nature and the importance of our efforts to protect our environment. 

The 2023 theme was "Invest Your Energy in a Brighter Future" to emphasize the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment. It takes a community effort, dedication and good work to accomplish that. We're proud to do our part in making our planet greener and more sustainable. 

The 2019 theme was "Create a Planet to Marvel... Be an Environmental Superhero!"  The EPC brings industries, businesses and environmental groups together to talk about how we can improve the environment.

The 2018 theme was "Tomorrow is Coming... Clean Air is No Game" to recognize that air quality is not only important for our health today, but also for our future generations. 

The 2017 theme was "Keep Calm, 50 Years and Going Strong". Over 1,000 local business, community and residential representatives were estimated to have attended. Gopher Resource exhibits to businesses and consumers on the benefits and importance of lead-based battery recycling.

The 2016 them was "Clean Air is Important in Any Language... Emoji'ning the Possibilities".  The event strives to raise awareness about environmental protection and the value of the choices you make. 

The 2015 theme was "Selfies for Clean Air" to illustrate the many ways that each individual can engage in activities that promote a healthy environment and inspire others to become more active and aware. 

The 2014 theme was "Environmental Stewardship Begins With …YOU" to promote a healthy environment within our community.

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