Who We Are

Our People – Our Greatest Asset

Gopher Resource is more than what we do. We are the people – innovators, thinkers and problem-solvers – who do it. We invite you to meet a few members of our 600+ team of exceptional people.


Maintenance Supervisor | Eagan, MN
“From top to bottom, everyone cares about each other. People are just nice here! They want you to be the best you can be and they’ll do what they can to help.”
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Customer Service Representative | Tampa, FL

“The work environment is laid back – everyone here gets along, they’re friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.”

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Furnace Department Manager | Tampa, FL

"We’re empowered to own decisions and make changes.”

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The Recycling Zone | Eagan, MN

"Employees enjoy coming to work and being able to joke around with one another, have a sense of trust, and know that their involvement matters and is acknowledged.”

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RMPC Team Leader | Tampa, FL

“I’m just one of the many examples of operators who have moved up in the company.”

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Research and Development | Eagan, MN

“Gopher is open to innovation, new ideas and new ways of doing things.”

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Refining Department Manager | Tampa, FL

"I'm an example of how you can start at the very bottom and work your way up by doing your best and doing what's right."

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Environmental, Health & Safety | Tampa, FL

"We are a growing company and we all have a part in making change happen."

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