Who We Are

Our People – Our Greatest Asset

Gopher Resource is more than what we do. We are the people – innovators, thinkers and problem-solvers – who do it. We invite you to meet a few members of our 600+ team of exceptional people.


Department Manager | Tampa, FL

"We’re empowered to own decisions and make changes.”

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Benefits & Recruiting Specialist | Eagan, MN
“I’m proud to be a Gopher!”
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The Recycling Zone | Eagan, MN

"Employees enjoy coming to work and being able to joke around with one another, have a sense of trust, and know that their involvement matters and is acknowledged.”

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Training | Tampa, FL

“I’m just one of the many examples of operators who have moved up in the company.”

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Environmental, Health and Safety | Tampa, FL

"Gopher Resource is a company where everyone can make a difference, or help to make one."

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Client Services | Eagan, MN
"The culture here is very friendly and we want what's best for each other.  We try to make everyone's jobs easier." 
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Refinery Process Technician | Eagan, MN

“Gopher Resource invests in its people, providing opportunities to grow careers, continue education, and train.”

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Furnace Department | Eagan, MN

“What we do here is key to our society’s future.”

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Production Manager | Tampa, FL

"I'm an example of how you can start at the very bottom and work your way up by doing your best and doing what's right."

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Environmental, Health & Safety | Tampa, FL

 "We are a growing company and we all have a part in making change happen."

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Maintenance Manager | Tampa, FL
“People take ownership of the challenges, because they feel valued and comfortable voicing their opinion.”
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