Who We Are

Our Vision

Responsibly Renewing Resources That Power Everyday Lives

Batteries power our communities and daily lives. We rely on them for safety, protection, convenience and connectivity. Our advanced recycling process recycles spent batteries into new batteries and other new and useful products – over and over again.

Minimizing environmental impact factors into every decision we make. We have voluntarily invested over $150 million in environmental initiatives, equipment and new technology. We lead in the research, development and application of technologies that advance cleaner, more sustainable battery recycling for our entire industry. We proudly keep the battery lifecycle in motion by recycling spent automotive and industrial batteries into high-quality, reusable resources.


  • Keep more than 22 million spent lead-based automotive, industrial and stationary batteries from going into landfills annually
  • Process nearly 575 million pounds of lead annually for reuse
  • Process nearly 37 million pounds of polypropylene into pellets for reuse
  • Operate The Recycling Zone, a community recycling center for Dakota County, MN
Our Mission
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Our Values
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