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LEGO® League Students Visit Gopher Resource

Gopher Resource loves to share its sustainable battery recycling smarts with the community, especially the next generation of innovative minds. Our Tampa facility recently had that honor. It got to host members of the local FIRST® LEGO® League.

The visit was a meeting of like minds, since FIRST® is an acronym “For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology.”

The students’ visit was more than a field trip to learn about the lead battery recycling process. Six members of the team and their sponsors met with Gopher Resource executives to share a specific project plan: The repurposing of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Unlike uniform lead batteries, other EV battery chemistries have historically been difficult to repurpose and recycle, due to their myriad of shapes and size. The team’s proposed solution is to develop a universal form-factor for EV battery components.

Eric Crespo, Senior Customer Service Supervisor at Gopher Resource Tampa, was of the lucky executives who met with the visiting students.

“We enjoyed speaking with this group and learning about their project,” Crespo said. “It’s satisfying to fulfill the responsibility as leaders in our industry and contribute a small grain of sand in the development of the next generation.”

Gopher Resource was impressed with the young team, which isn’t affiliated with a specific Tampa school. The students are also building and programing a LEGO robot to compete in the upcoming qualifier tournament for FIRST LEGO League’s West Florida Region.

About FIRST LEGO League

FIRST LEGO League is a global program in over 110 countries that introduces science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to children primarily ages 4–16. Through exciting hands-on learning and robotics, youth are inspired to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding and design skills. FIRST teams can be associated with schools or they can be formed by families, friends and communities.

Good Luck, Students!

Gopher Resource takes its community responsibilities seriously. We welcomed and truly enjoyed speaking with this inspiring group and contributing to the development of the next generation of innovative minds.

We also send them a hearty “Good luck!” as they compete in the FIRST LEGO League's West Florida Region tournament. We're rooting for you!

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